Calavera Hombre

Vengeful Threads has some exciting things planned for Menswear Fashion Week, including this flat out ROCKIN’ Day of the Dead suit! I may just be a smidgeon obsessed with all things sugar skulls (try, totally and completely). I flipped my wig when I was given it by Ms Vixn Dagger (owner of Vengeful Threads) to wear for PULSE TV’s FashionFix’s spotlight on Menswear Fashion Week ( link to program here). Check out the Vengeful Threads show for MWFW on Wednesday April 24th 2-3pm SLT (I’ll be a model in it).

Photography: 1st Pic by Paradox Messmer, 2nd Pic by ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Style Card:
Hair: hair26M by Iruco
Eyes: classic gen4 black coral by Poetic Colors
Makeup: Magissa by Madrid Solo
Earrings: Cracker by Pekka
Necklace: Sugarskull necklace by Lassitude & Ennui
Suit: Dia De Los Muertos by Vengeful Threads (Menswear Fashion Week release, get it get it get it)
Shoes: My Studded Oxford by [monso]
Nails: Male nail palette by MANDALA
Poses: (1st Pic) Sagitario 8 by PosESioN and (2nd Pic) Living Las Vegas 4 by PosESioN (releases for MWFW)

2 thoughts on “Calavera Hombre

  1. If you wake up naked with a terrible hangover and you're naked because this suit's gone missing I just want to declare now that it wasn't me who did it. …you're not going to buy that, are you.


  2. Joking aside: I've shared this page with a few ladies I know inworld asking 'do you think I need this?' and the consensus seems to be 'Nath needing it? heck, *I* need it'. Might not hurt the designer to work up a ladies' version / woman's suit/dress inspired by…


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