Peacock of the Walk

The latest outfit from GlamDammit is peacock inspired, but also vintage, Boho, and just very much all around awesomeness. Come on and uncage the peacock in you, guys! You can find this at the Event Hollywood .
Style Card:
Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls*40
Eyemakeup: Birds of Paradise by Zibska
Hat: Voodoo lounger by Flow (free on marketplace!)
Necklace: Selva Oscura necklace by KOSH
Jacket: Display Jacket by GlamDammit
Shirt: Travellers Shirt by Sartoria
Pants: Display pants by GlamDammit
Boots: Sculpted boots by Deadwool
Nails: Male nail palette by MANDALA
Poses from the Minimalist set by PosESioN ( Event Hollywood exclusive )

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