The Arcade Doesn’t Bug Me

The March round of the Arcade is coming to a close on the 31st, a round which has been particularly awesome with some amazing stuff like these wearable insects from Ladies Who Lunch, they’re works of art, some with cyber parts and lightbulbs, and these rare Divinity antlers from Half Deer are really worth trying your luck over and over for.

Also don’t miss picking up an epaulette or several from Gizza’s gacha, they are so rockin. Arcade is so much fun, I can’t wait for the next round!

Photography: Paradox Messmer Style Card:
Hair: Dakota by LaViere
Antlers: Eternum Antlers Divinity RARE by Half Deer (at the current round of Arcade)
Glasses: Candy shades brocade b/w by Baiastice (at the Arcade)
Jacket: Military coat by Gizza
Epaulettes: Epaulette Set by Gizza (at the March Arcade)
Pants: Sequin leggings stella black by Mimikri
Boots: Highlands by Lassitude & Ennui
Bugs: rare insects from the insect gacha at the March Arcade, by Ladies Who Lunch
Pose by Agapee

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