Lou Diamond Fiennes

Skin Fair is upon us. It’s like a candy store for models and bloggers, with many of the top skin makers having goodies on display. Among them is SyS. They’ve released their very first male skin, Omega, and I have to say I am very picky about guy skins and this one is really exceptional. It’s so photo-real, you can see every pore and vein and muscle, highly defined and freakin sexy all over.

Unfortunately, as with all skins that aren’t my usual bodyco. one, this skin did not flatter my shape, so I tweaked it and now I look like a cross between Lou Diamond Phillips and Ralph Fiennes. Very masculine, right? Built! But not overly so, like I’ve seen on certain other skins at the Skin Fair. Some of them look like steroid-o-rama. This skin is definitely a great addition to your skin collection, so go out and get it! SyS have a real purty women’s skin at the fair as well.

Hey these jeans you see just a teasing glimpse of, are from an outfit in the new line coming out from Dot.Be. Get your first look at the full package at the Earth Hour fashion show , on March 30th, at 4pm SLT. I’m in that show, in the company of many of the grid’s best models. It’s to promote a very special earth-saving, energy conserving project, go here to learn more.

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Skin: Omega (sunkissed) by SyS (at the Skin Fair 2013)
Eyes: Classic gen4 black coral by Poetic Colors
Hair: Joseph by Atro Patena
Tattoo: Marissa Pierce (new release) by Sleepy Bozer
Jeans: Dot.Be Skinny pants green by Dot.Be (coming soon)
Bracelets: Stacked bracelets by !WG!
Pose by PosESioN (from the 49L Sale for Dudes, now over)

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