Lust for Life

Yeah I know I’m a little late to covering this, (my computer had problems) but Fashion for Life is going on right now until midnight tomorrow (Sunday March 17) so get your beautiful butts down there to get your fill of fantastic fashions and give to a great cause while you’re at it!

There’s so many great exclusives to be found, such as this Dura hair (only $60L!) these mesh jeans from Cashmere & Keane, and this men’s!! (yay, rock on) lipstick from Madrid Solo.

Btw, don’t you think I look very Bruno in this look? haha, as in the Sascha Baron Cohen character totally making fun of modeling and fashion. As a model, my best advice to other models in keeping perspective about themselves and a level head, is to frequently quote Bruno, and Zoolander too.

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet (shot inside a crazy moving sculpture in the pyramid of Giza Fashion for Life sim)
Style Card:
Hair: Fashion for Life Hair 2 by Dura (Fashion for Life exclusive)
Glasses: (new) Zebra sunglasses by Gabriel
Jacket: Echoes mesh leather jacket from Echoes mesh leather jacket outfit (new) by Shiki Designs
Tank: Tank Zebra by RGDW
Necklace: Uncut by KOSH
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid
Lipstick: Pouting Thomas by Madrid Solo (RFL item)
Jeans: Porter (RFL edition) by Cashmere & Keane (Fashion for Life/RFL item)
Nails: Male nail palette by MANDALA
Shoes: Casual Loafers by Redgrave
Pose by Agapee

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