A human canvas

SHIKI has a new mesh outfit called “Ultionis” inspired by the painting of the same name by Vinn Wong. I recently had the pleasure to attend his art opening at the SHIKI store, and all the work is highly evocative, like glimpsing into pieces of the artist’s mind and soul. That’s what the best art is to me, it’s cathartic, and it gets us closer to the person who created it.

This mesh outfit is as always from SHIKI well done and can be worn separately or together as one outfit. Comes with all you see here except the shoes, hair and accessories of course. Go check out Vinn’s show at SHIKI Designs and also my lovely partner’s ByrneDarkly Cazalet’s award-nominated Tart Gallery while you’re at it!

Style Card:
Hair: hair10M by Iruco
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid
Necklace: Nebula by KOSH
Blazer: Ultionis mesh jacket by Shiki Designs
Pants: Ultionis mesh slacks by Shiki Designs
Shoes: Dean by INEDIT
Pose 1 by Agapee, Pose 2 by PosESioN from the (new) Sexy Male Jacket set

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