Stayin’ Alive

I love the tees from Egoisme. There’s a bunch of them with very cool and interesting designs on them, among them is one with zombie! Bee Gees that says Stayin’ Alive on it, haha. I paired it up with Egoisme’s new mesh skinny jogging pants, excellent texturing, you can see every minute fiber of the material. I love it when texturing on clothes in SL looks so real you can practically feel them.

Check out this new headset and hair from the always excellent SyS, they add a cyberpunk kick to this urban casual look.

Photography: the very talented and foxy ByrneDarkly Cazalet ❤
Eyes: natural eyes 8 green by Unique Megastore
Eyeliner: Glam Boy by Blackliquid
Hair: OTESS by SyS (New Release)
Headset: DJTALL by SyS (New Release)
Necklace: Sugar Skull dogtag necklace (diamond) by Lapointe & Bastchilde
T-Shirt: Stay Alive by Egoisme
Pants: Skinny Joggings in Lacoste Blue by Egoisme (New Release)
Suspenders: Unisex Leather Suspenders (rigged mesh) by Shi
Bracelets: Leather chained bracelets by erratic
Shoes: Spike sneakers by Elygo
Tattoo: Ocean Moon (new release) by Sleepy Bozer

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