Silent Peacock

The new MadPea Hunt “Room 326” is a riveting mystery that will make you burn to know the truth behind the connection between all the people who went missing in that room of the Silent Peacock Hotel. Be warned though, this hunt isn’t for the short of patience or attention span, it’s the hardest one they’ve had yet. Be prepared to tear your hair out. If you do, there’s a nice hat to cover that in this outfit I put together! It’s part of the new mesh blazer suits from Gizza. With great patterns, the blazers are simple, stylish and multi-functional, a classic masculine style the ladies will find irresistible.

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Style Card:
Hair: Gosling by Burly
Hat: Hat Tweed Brown by Gizza
Necklace: Copeck by Kosh
Blazer: Casual Blazer (Tweed BlackBrown) by Gizza
Shirt: Evan Vest Chocolate by Dragonlady’s Closet
Jeans: VintageDenim Black by Aoharu
Shoes: Dockers by hooreenbeek
Poses: MiaMai

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