Welcome to My Nightmare

“Welcome to my nightmare. I think you’re gonna like it. I think you’re gonna feel you belong…”
Have a Happy Halloween everybody! This may be my last Halloween-related outfit posted before the holiday as I have some other things to blog about that are relevant to what’s going on this month (sales, new products to review etc).

This features part of a wicked new Halloween outfit from Gizza, now on sale 50% off. Get it while you can!

Pics by ByrneDarkly Cazalet
What I’m Wearing:
Skin: Breeze in fair tone by thebodyco
Eyes: Classic gen4- black coral by Poetic Colors
Hair: Tom245 by booN
Face Makeup: Skull Face Makeup by Redrum
Collar: Morrigan Collar (coloured black by me) by Sinistyle
Body Tape Wrap: Taped Guts by Sinistyle
Chest Tattoo: Ribs Tattoo by Redrum
Claws: Werewolf Claws by !* Rebel -X- *!
Skeleton body/lower half: Passion and Glory Halloween outfit by Gizza (50% at store right now, limited time)
Pose: Immortal Bound by Captivity Co. for the Cinema (movie-themed) sales event, go check it out till the 31st!
Paintings are art by Jon MacNair (crispycopper) now showing at the Tart Gallery
Shot at (my club) Soundproof music club

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