Snake Charming

Sssoon it will be Halloween, it’s creeping up on us from right around the corner, I can already feel its breath on the back of my neck, one hand wrapped around holding a knife to my throat. I love this time of year!

Today’s post is another fine costume idea, with a skin by Fallen Gods , which is having its 5th anniversary party going on tomorrow (Saturday) all day long and into the late hours. I’ll be DJing for it 4:00-5:30pm myself *coughs*. Just sayin’.

Pics by ByrneDarkly Cazalet (post-production PS work by me, as with all photos by her)
What I’m Wearing:
Skin: Scales xy by Fallen Gods
Eyes: Zombie eyes decay by Concrete Flowers
Hair: Reptilia in night shadow (blacks pack) by Wasabi Pills
Earrings: Mesh Ankh Earrings by Tekeli-li
Necklace: Copeck necklace (old) by KOSH (at this month’s Men’s Department )
Snake Body: Naga Male Blood Shadow by Fairysnake Productions

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