Djinn & Tonic

I’m a Djinn, I’ll grant your every deepest darkest desire, your most depraved wishes will be fulfilled and realised without any cruel twist to them whatsoever, oh believe me, take my clawed hand, you would trust a face like this wouldn’t you? *smiles*

This costume for Halloween (my favorite holiday ever!) features the rare coal skin from the Tableau Vivant gacha at the Arcade, you can only try your luck so many times until Monday October the 15th when the event is over (I was lucky to get it on my first try, so you could too!).

Pics by ByrneDarkly Cazalet
What I’m Wearing:
Skin: Tableau Vivant- The Art Series- Coal (rare) by Tableau Vivant (at the Arcade gatcha machine)
Hair: Dura-Boy35 by Dura
Eyes: Ibanez Creature Eyes- Demonic by Ibanez
Face Tattoo: Karmanji Tintable by !Xtrax!
Horns: Sinfull Darkness by Sinfull Creations
Shirt: Travellers Shirt Metropolis by Sartoria
Necklace: Vertebrater by Xoph
Pants: Shalwar Outfit Vol.1 by Gizza
Claws: Werewolf Claws by Rebel X
Legs and Hooves: Titanias Faun Legs by Deviant/Titania’s Court

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