Red Sky at Night

Avast ye! Thar be a high seas hunt going on at one of MadPea (the interactive gaming company in SL)’s islands right now, till September 30th. I was the DJ for the kickoff paarrrrty, so I styled my own punk take on a pirate for it, which features a couple of items you can get at this month’s round of the Men’s Department . Thar be fine booty to be had this time there, so be sure to be stoppin in.
Here’s some pirate jokes for ye scurvy dogs: What be a pirate’s favorite place to eat? Answer: Arrrby’s. What be a pirate’s favorite laundry detergent? Answer: Tide.

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet except for the last pic by me
What I’m Wearing:
Skin: Breeze in fair tone by the body co.
Eyes: gen4- black coral by Poetic Colors (at Men’s Department)
Hair: Teeloh in flaming cherry by Wasabi Pills
Piercings: Worthy unisex piercing by Pekka (at Men’s Department)
Hairbase: Tintable hair base stripe 3 by MADesigns
Hat: Tricorn plain pirate hat by Timeless Hats
Jacket: FP Coeur jacket by Faster Pussycat
Tattoo: Ocean Planet by Sleepy Bozer (at Men’s Department)
Earring: The Key by KOSH
Belt: Kookai belt by Mandala
Pants: Vintage Jean Redgold by Gizza
Boots: Metal wedge boots (group gift) by Pirate Arts
Sword: A Pirate’s Soul Set- Pirate Saber (part of the Pirate’s Soul outfit) by Pasarella’s
Poses by *PosESioN* and Embody

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