Aladdin Insane

Vintage Fair this year is is a mammoth shopping beast to conquer store by store, I am only half way through it but so far I’ve turned up some great finds from some of my favorite designers. My absolute favorite thing so far is this vibrant spotty suit by Gizza (a store from which I own almost everything for men). It comes in a few other colours too, I also bought black and white.

You have no idea how bananas I go for good quality colourful clothing for men, so this blew me away. I ended up creating a look, with the Ziggy makeup from blackliquid’s Vintage entry, that’s like after David Bowie met Bing Crosby, he dug his style so he put his own glam twist on it, haha.

Photography: ByrneDarkly Cazalet
What I’m Wearing:
Skin: Breeze in fair tone by body co.
Eyes: natural eyes 8 green by Unique Megastore
Hair: Heartbreaker in double dip by epoque
Hat: Fedora hat white snake by Gizza (comes with the spotty suit)
Suit: Spotty Suit (Pinky) by Gizza
Necklace: Blue Lightning necklace by Schadenfreude
Earring: Blue Lightning earring by Schadenfreude
Makeup: Blackliquid Makeup- Ziggy Eyes
Pipe: Churchwarden bubble pipe by Adjunct
Shoes: Otis Oxford silver and white by MiaMai
Pose by Mannerism

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