Putting out the fire with gasoline

I know this post is late, the hair fair is now over, I so wanted to post this before it had ended but my RL and SL was super busy, my club Soundproof closed down for one thing (for now, I’m sure it’ll be back one day). This should give me more time to work on my blog though.

Anyway, here’s the amazing, super hot (literally) new Pheonix hair that was given out by KMADD at Hair Fair, along with its also rockin hairbase. It looks and actually moves like molten lava, it’s very hypnotic and I get a lot of comments on it wherever I go. It inspired me to throw together this outfit, which is sort of like a punk dandy crossed with a touch of new romantic.

I’m rising from the ashes to set the world on fire!

Photography by ByrneDarkly, postprocessing by me, Paradox Messmer.
What I’m Wearing:
Hair: Phoenix Hair Fair 2012 by MADesigns
Hairbase: Black hairbase stripes 2 by MADesings
Skin: Breeze in fair tone by body co.
Eyemakeup: Guyliner 02 by A:S:S and on left eye Three Hundred Thousand zipper eye by Scrub
Jacket: Au Revoir De Sade jacket in red by Leezu
Pants: Celeno glitch pants (came with the Celeno harpy outfit) by E-Clipse
Boots: Mullingar boots in black by hoorenbeek

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