Wardrobe Mixtape

In this pop dominated world, it’s tough sometimes to be a rocker. I’m a punk and new waver at heart but I dig a lot of different kinds of music classic and current(especially indie of all kinds).

I’ve been a DJ in SL since 2008, and this outfit is like a playlist of mine. It’s different styles and music movements merged together. I challenge those reading this to hit shuffle on their mp3 player and then create an outfit based on the feel of the first 5 songs they hear in a row.

What I’m Wearing:
Hair: Caustic in Incubus by Hairoin (modded to remove jewelry. It’s a style for women but I made it more manly haha)
Skin: Breeze in light tone by the body co.
Eyeliner: guyliner 02 by A:S:S
Shirt: Pink Love t-shirt by Egoisme
Vest: Woven vest black by AOHARU
Tattoo: Huxley by Tiki Tattoo
Pants: Dogfight in black (latex) by Red Devil Inc.
Boots: Mullingar boots in black by hoorenbeek
Location: The Dirty Glass punk and psychobilly club
Pics taken by ByrneDarkly Cazalet

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