Beasty Boy

Coming back to the fashion blogosphere with a vengeance! Kicking ass, taking names, taking ass and kicking names. I put together a killer glam rock ensemble to chew up the stage with and spit it out at the audience.
I’m a glam beast that messes around your brains with my gender and sexual ambiguity, I’ll rock you so hard till you can’t even sit for a week. *snarls* Try me, kittens!

(First two pics taken by ByrneDarkly Cazalet)
What I’m Wearing:
Skin: Pan in creamtone by Nivaro
Eyeliner: Guyliner 02 by A:S:S
Hair: Kerry v2 by 99 elephants (modded)
Jacket: beast coat by Deviant Girls (sadly not available in store, was for the Epoch festival Beast exhibit)
Shirt: razored tank by Nomine (older item, not in the store)
Pants: Chaos leather pants black by The Abyss
Necklaces: top one is Chaos Necklace by Red Queens Designs Jewellery and the second is voodoo skull and bone necklace by Yellow Jester
Nails: Glitter Manicure prim nails by Sexy Mamas
Boots: Barbedwire Queen Boned boots by Faster Pussycat (seriously badass boots!)

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