He’s a waterfall

I’m ready to hit the beach this weekend (irl) and so I’m dressing my avatar accordingly. Why not a shot at a beach you may wonder? Well where’s the imagination in that? I feel ready to strip here and audition for an Irish Spring commercial. I also look like Keanu Reeves circa River’s Edge. Oh, and yes that’s black nail polish on my wonderful mesh slink feet, because I don’t feel right in an outfit until I’ve added even the slightest glam touch to it.

What I’m Wearing:
Skin: Pan in creamtone by Nivaro
Hair: Zack in Ash by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Natural Eyes 8 Unique Megastore
Shirt: Nicke in Hawaii black by artilleri
Shorts: Summer pants in sand by Connors
Bracelet: beach bracelet by Concrete Flowers
Necklace: Shelly necklace by Concrete Flowers
Feet: Men Natural Barefeet (rigged mesh) by slink

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