So I finally figured out a way to get shadows to work on my computer. They don’t work perfectly, but I’m grateful I can get some at least. Expect some…interesting…experiments with lighting and shadows from here on out, haha.

Today’s outfit is Aztec inspired. Like the cool modern descendant of an Aztec warrior. I based the look around these amazing aztec print leggings I found at the Izzie’s vendor in the Zombie Popcorn Carnival. They’re technically for girls, but guys can rock them too.

I also got this killer authentic Aztec ink from an awesome tattoo place I just discovered, called Sleepy Bozer. I love the store’s look and feel, just like a real parlour, and all the tats are extremely well done and realistic.

What I’m Wearing
First Pic:
Skin: Pan in Creamtone by Nivaro
Eyeliner: Guyliner 02 by A:S:S
Hair: Orion in night shadow (blacks pack) by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: PC eyes classic- surf grass by Poetic Colors
Jacket: Ole jacket snake by Vero Modero
Shirt: King tee by FORM (store no longer available sorry )
Necklace: AMIDA necklace chocolate by Mandala
Ring: Relativity ring by Nylon Outfitters and Yummy Accessories
Pants:Izzie’s leggings aztec print olive by Izzie’s at Zombie Popcorn Carnival
1st Pic by Paradox Messmer
Second Pic taken by ByrneDarkly Cazalet. Style Info:

Hair: Zack hair blacks pack by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Natural Eyes 8 Unique Megastore
Skin: Adam Crius Origin by The Abyss
Tattoo: Aztec Monaux tattoo by Sleepy Bozer

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