It’s Alive!

Fashion Frankenstein, a blog where Paradox Messmer shows you all his freaky fashion creations, assembled together from the pieces of different styles and cultures of fashions like punk, goth, glam, casual, rockabilly, tribal, and everything else under the moon, is now alive! Alive I tell you! Muahaha! Do you realise what this means? This will send shocks through the fashion world! Or just a whole lot of “wtf”ing going on. So buckle your straitjacket and enjoy the wild ride!

(2nd pic above taken by my lovely lady ByrneDarkly Cazalet)

What I’m Wearing:
Hair: Tom245 by booN
Skin: Craig by Redgrave
Eyeliner: Guyliner- 02 by A:S:S
Jacket: FP Quilted Jacket by Faster Pussycat (comes in “The Zebra” outfit, man I love that)
Shirt: Frankenstein shirt by iRez G Line
Pants: FP Velvet Elvis snake pants red part of the Zebra outfit by Faster Pussycat
Boots: Dr. H by hoorenbeek (I get a lot of use out of those badboys, ❤ them)

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