meat1 meat2

Style Credits:
Hair: Mesh hair Halfbun by MONS ( Trend3 exclusive)
Makeup: Boda Facepaint by .ARISE. ( The Secret Affair )
Cardigan: Line Cardigan by Gabriel ( Men Only Monthly)
Necklace: Onyx Crush Necklace by 7mad.Ravens ( Men Only Monthly)
Ring: Dead Meat Ring by 7mad.Ravens ( Men Only Monthly exclusive)
Pants: Black Leather Sweat Pants by [Pumpkin]
Shoes: Kenneth Open Sneaker (materials enabled) by ..::ILLI:..(on marketplace)

London Calling


Hair: Keiran by Tableau Vivant ( We <3 RP , January)
Scarf: Big Woolen Scarf Black RARE by 22769 (gacha @ The Secret Affair , January)
Coat: Pierre Trenchcoat (with shirt and texture change HUD for shirt) by Gizza (new)
Pants: Pierre Buttoned Jeans by Gizza (new)
Shoes: Padded Lounge Sneakers by Wonton (at Kustom9, January)
Decor: Telephone Booth Nook by 22769/bauwerk ( Leaf On the Wind charity fair exclusive)

Men Only Monthly LOTD #2


Hair: Brandon hair by Tabou Irresistible ( Men Only Monthly )
Horns: Horns of Zolah by Remarkable Oblivion (at The Secret Affair , January)
Shirt: Sleeveless Tunic by United Colors (at Men Only Monthly )
Bracelets: Belted Bracers by Apple May Designs (MOH5 prize)
Pants: Low crotch pants by Kenvie (@ Men Only Monthly )
Shoes: Limited Edition Red Fringe Sneakers by United Colors (Project Limited)
Decor: The Martian Chronicles Set by bauwerk/22769 (for The Tattered Page, at 22769 mainstore)
Pose by Slouch Poses

Men Only Monthly preview!


My previous post was my 300th post on my fashion blog! I’ve been sharing my crazy fashion antics and style experiments since June 2012, it’s hard to believe I’ve been at it that long.

I was hoping to do something special for my last post but I got too busy, but I just thought I’d mention it and say that I’ve had a wonderful experience blogging for so many top designers and fashion events, and thank you to all my readers, followers and supporters as well as my sponsors. You are what I do this for.

And now I get to blog for another new monthly fashion event, called
Men Only Monthly , starting tomorrow, January 20th! I’m super stoked that there’s finally more sales just for us guys. Check out this preview of some of the goods you can get, and keep tuned for more!

Hat: Raw Edge Caruki Beanie by REPRESENT ( Men Only Monthly exclusive, starts Jan 20th)
Ears: Steking Ver2 by MANDALA
Jacket: Voyager Jacket by [dynasty] ( Men Only Monthly exclusive)
Jeans: Architect Jeans by DAPPA ( Men Only Monthly exclusive)
Boots: Russian Winter Boots ( Men Only Monthly )
Hand Accessory: Uppercut by AZOURY ( Men Only Monthly )
Decor: Vintage Fairground Street Organ by bauwerk/22769 (@ the Challenge event
Pose by Dyer Maker from Random Male set



Style Credits:
Hair: Seed by [INK]
Mask: Ingenu Mask by AZOURY (The Secret Affair, January)
Necklace: Arrows Necklace by .Reckless. (Project Limited, January)
Bracelets: Bebe Bangle by LUXE. (Kustom9 January)
Coat: Viking by Peqe
Pants: Tristan pants with Kilt crocodile black by Legal Insanity
Shoes: Moccasin Ankle Boots by *Shai* (Kustom9 January)
Pose: Daunted Male by Del May


yves1 yves2

Style Credits (with links):
Hair: Otto by Tableau Vivant ( The Mens Dept , January)
Glasses: Jack Readers by Adjunct (Men Only Hunt 5 item)
Shirt: Yves Shirt by David Heather The Mens Dept , January
Pants: Yves Pants by David Heather The Mens Dept , January
Shoes: Charles for Slink feet (new deluxe update, has studs on the back and bottom sole) by ILLI
Decor: Agathes Dreamy Armchair by 22769/bauwerk



I’ve started including hyperlinks to each store and sales event in my style credits from here on out so please enjoy your taxis to these great designs!

Hair: Dura-Boy*56 by Dura
Coat: Club T/Overcoat by REPRESENT
Necklace: Bird Remains Necklace by AITUI ( The Mens Dept , January)
Pants: Skintight pants by [Pumpkin]
Boots: Casual RP Boots by SWaGGa ( We <3 RP exclusive, January)
Decor: Leather Low Seat, My DIY Lamp, Stacking Books by SOY ( The Mens Dept , Jan)



Style Credits:
Shawl: Leather Shawl by ClaVv (The Mens Dept, January)
T-Shirt: Halved T-Shirt by ClaVv (The Mens Dept, January)
Pants: Skinny Pants- Skyrim by Gabriel (new0
Makeup: La Vita. Pure 05 by CheerNo
Gloves: Foe Gloves by Razor
Boots: Suede Boots by Gabriel (new)
Pendant Lights by Alchemist (at Cosmopolitan, current round)
Pose by Dyer Maker (at Suicide Dollz, current round)

How Zib Scaggs destroyed my fashion career

When I say Zib Scaggs, designer of Zibska, is responsible for the destruction of my modeling career and to a lesser degree my blogging for that matter (traffic dropping as a consequence of the whole “scandal”) I am not being theatrical, dramatic, or exaggerating in any way. Oh, I wish I was. But no matter how you choose to look at it, whether I was in the wrong in the first place or not, *she* was the one who decided to make a big scene of it, to air dirty laundry in public on all social media sites like her blog and flickr most notably. She was the one who seemed bent on getting her petty revenge on me for telling her a few things about herself that are not pleasant and obviously my opinion of her as a person really hit a nerve in her or else she wouldn’t have felt compelled to try and slander me and obliterate all opportunities I had as a working model.

Go here to see what the original Zib incident is about, if you don’t know about it already

Did PENUMBRA agency really have to fire me because I got into some words with Zib Scaggs and she posted it on flickr and her blog? That fighting between Zib and me was intended to be a private matter and it was never anything I was going to go public about but then Zib did and I had no choice but to try and defend myself at every person who ganged up on me on her flickr comments and attacked me, criticizing my styling, my blog, and my very worth as a model. No kidding here, these people were relentless and unnecessarily mean-spirited. They should not have said anything in the first place this wasn’t any of their business at all. No matter how you look at it, it can’t be denied that this was not their place to say anything to me, or to gang up like they did.

Fuzz Lennie of PENUMBRA did not like that I got into defensive fights with people in Zib’s flickr comments, but she didn’t at all think it was wrong that Zib put it on flickr in the first place, or that she had posted it on her blog that is seen by 100s of people every day. Fuzz just was concerned with PENUMBRA’s good image being at risk if they carried on with me being their model in so many fashion week shows, or even their DJ for shows.

After all the hard work I did for PENUMBRA, modeling in many shows including filling in for missing models at the last minute, they just decided I had a bad reputation now and it makes them look bad and Fuzz said that my fellow models won’t even work with me now. Which models? I have never got into any conflict with any of the models, stylists, or photographers who work for PENUMBRA, and now they’re saying I’m difficult to work with just because they saw what Zib said about me.

Of course, these same people in PENUMBRA had not complained about me prior to this scandal, mysteriously they never seemed to have a problem with me before hearing what Zib and so many of her supporters on her flickr comments had to say about me.

I’m sorry, but I think this proves that the modeling world is full of two-faced, backstabbing suck-ups who think if they protest against me that will give them extra points with the people they work for and that’ll secure them more work, more shows, better outfits to style perhaps.

What’s worse than me now having no chance of ever working for the most active and powerful fashion agencies in SL (PENUMBRA being one of them, Siren Productions being the other. I quit Siren due to Lexie Jansma being a bully to her models and staff. I quit on principle, and you can read about it soon) anymore, is that I lost Style Kingdom. The one big magazine publication I was part of, and most proud of being part of. I had been cast in every issue for a long time and was even going to be featured in a Men Of the Year calendar they were doing before Dougie Boxen, owner of the magazine, heard about the Zib incident and decided I posed a threat to the success of his magazine and so dumped me, fired me as well.

I will talk more about what happened with Style Kingdom, in an upcoming post. Right now, I do also want to mention that Dougie himself told me now that the Zib thing happened, that I can forget about ever getting into Fashion Teller as well. Dougie works with Rico and Fashion Teller closely, Style Kingdom is a partnership with them, so no matter how many times I cast for their books and how good my styling is I will never even be considered based only on this.

Imagine if you were told this? And it was all because you got mad at a top famous designer who threw a diva fit about it on the whole of the internet? I know I was wrong to make a threat against her that I was going to tell people what a mean person she was, but that was just WORDS in a PRIVATE IM and if she was afraid I was going to follow up on that threat, then she should’ve talked to me about it, addressed it with me and not gone and pre-emptively strike against me on all the social media. It wasn’t right what she did, sharing my private conversation logs with everyone, and saying that she advises anyone who has me in their employ to worry about their image having someone like me working with them.

She basically told those agencies and magazine publishers to fire me, in so many words, because they should worry about their reputations being at risk. This is just so rich. I am tired of these designers who think they have ultimate power in the fashion industry , they’re so well connected that no one can stop them.

Zib has shown through all of this, that she is nothing but a bully. A vengeful, petty bully that has succeeded in what she set out to do, which is make me lose EVERYTHING I ever worked really hard for in the modeling industry. I’ve had sponsors for my blog dump me too, just because of hearing about this, they judged me before even reading my side of the story which I posted some months ago on this blog. Here’s a link to it

Why should The Fantasy Collective dump me as their blogger because I had a fight with a designer? I’d like to see what people think in the comments for this blog post. Does anyone think it was wrong that PENUMBRA fired me and said there’s no chance in hell I’ll ever be able to come back? Do you also think it was wrong that Seashell Dench owner of SCALA agency I was in, threatened that if I don’t take down my side of the story from flickr then I will be fired from SCALA? Just for defending myself and actually even apologizing for what I said to Zib in the first place.

I know this is a fashion blog normally, and I’m sorry for taking a break from posting LOTDs to express this but I felt I needed to or it would eat me inside forever. But this is fashion related, certainly it is about my experiences in the fashion industry as a model and blogger, and it’s a good warning to everyone involved in it or who aspires to be, that it’s full of people who if you make enemies with them, will stop at nothing to make sure you lose everything and are treated like a pariah for the rest of your days.

Models who were on your friendlists will suddenly take you off theirs and never speak to you again, and agencies will never hire you, and you won’t be asked to do vendors or magazines ever. That’s what happened to me…I can’t get work anymore. I feel so lost without doing shows and magazines. So deeply depressed by it all.

Best thing to do is never speak your mind to anyone. Be someone fake if you have to be, but never speak your mind. It’s a dangerous thing to do in this industry.